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Our testimonials tell you all you need to know about how we help our clients with first-rate service. We pride ourselves on our proactive approach to your businesses accountancy needs and that is why producing and auditing your annual accounts is about much more than making you compliant.

We formed this company to provide portal and web services. Dominic Hill helped us with international VAT aspects and also in helping us setup our Sagepay online payment system. Dominic Hill have visited and represented us in Ireland, USA and Malaysia.

Prodigium Limited | Mr Duvall

We have been clients of Dominic Hill in Eastbourne for many years. We are an international company and Dominic Hill provide a full bookkeeping, management accounts and administration role for us. It`s easy to contact them by meetings, phone or Skype video.

Bauporte Doors UK | Mr Bouman

Our company was formed by Dominic Hill in 2006. Right from the beginning, we gained from some sound VAT advice and action. Dominic Hill helped us to raise finance and buy our own property in a VAT and tax efficient manner.

Anderida Bay Limited | Mrs Hill

We have been with Dominic Hill since 2002. They have solved our international trading and foreign currency issues as well as import and export challenges including the Duty regulations that come with this.

Exposure Electronics Ltd | Mr Che Wan

We like working with people who do not work for the tax man

Dominic Hill have been our accountants for around 20 years. They give advice in language that we can understand. They have provided training to our accounts staff who enjoy working with the team at Dominic Hill. We like working with people who do not work for the tax man.

Pro Eco Limited | Steve Wennington

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