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Our services to them included; Bookkeeping, Cloud Accounting and Payroll.

Retail sales is a very competitive business

Retail Vape sales is no different from any other sector, when it comes to dealing with accounting practices. Aside from dealing with the pressure from competitors, companies have to ensure that they keep on top of administrative issues such as bookkeeping, payroll and pension scheme, alongside general accounting and taxation. Dominic Hill provides Bookkeeping, Cloud Accounting and Payroll services and support to a group of 14 independent, but linked, companies in the Retail Vape sector, across the South East.

… But accounting in the retail sector can be a minefield

Payroll and bookkeeping were difficult to administer across multiple sites for Retail Vape. The administrative headache was distracting them from the important issues of increasing sales and revenue, so they appointed Dominic Hill to manage the processes and deploy an efficient accounting system. Having an efficient administrative process and support, along with a robust and intuitive accounts software package, helped tremendously.

The right support and the right advice

Initially, Dominic Hill were approached by the owner of a retail vape company some years back, to provide accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services to his business. This was swiftly followed by recommendations to allied companies and now Dominic Hill provide services to more than a dozen loosely linked companies in the sector.

Dominic Hill installed Xero accounting software which provides monthly payroll support, annual accounts and tax compliance advice. They also provide support and training for the company’s in-house team, and detailed reports to help with the financial control of the businesses.

In addition to accounting support and tax advice, Dominic Hill have also helped create group structures for the companies, enabling movement of money between the individual companies, whilst ensuring tax efficiency. Whilst the individual Directors are also supported with personal tax, wealth and pension advice, to help them achieve their personal goals.

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