Accountants for electricians

Do electricians need accountants?

Yes indeed. Dominic Hill are accountants for electricians and other vital skilled trades people. We provide expert tax services to keep your accounts ship-shape. No business or personal tax situation is too big or too small for our company. Dominic Hill accountants are based in Eastbourne and we understand the needs of small businesses. So our friendly team are ready to help you with a common sense approach – and especially – jargon-free help and advice.

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As accountants for electricians we understand electricians can work all hours of the day on call out appointments which can leave you a little short on time to deal with accounts and paperwork. Dominic Hill is happy to assist in all areas of tax, bookkeeping and accounting, to keep you on top of it all. So call our friendly team of accountants for electricians and we will gladly provide you with cost-effective accounting advice, which will assist you in the smooth running of your business.

Have a look at some testimonials from previous clients who work locally, nationally or internationally to get a better vision of how we can help you and your business grow and work efficiently.

So, if you are in need of accountants for electricians why not come to Dominic Hill for professional advice and assistance.

Featured client story

Apex Core Limited

Given how our business has managed success in a very tough environment, I feel it is very fitting that we came to join with Dominic Hill via a recommendation from one of their existing clients as they spoke of all the key attributes and values that we hold in high regard. Full Story