Easy Live Services Ltd

Our services to them included; Business advisory and wealth creation, Tax planning, Accounting and taxation for businesses and Taxation for individuals and trusts.

Company Accounts and consequent Directors’ Tax Issues

Easy Live Services provide advanced software services to auction houses, to enable online auctions in real time. Items can be held in a virtual Watch List, whilst the client determines whether to bid and how much to bid. It enables Auction Houses across the UK to reach a global audience and takes away much of the administration that would normally be involved.

What are the issues that needed addressing?

The success of the business has enabled rapid expansion across several different revenue streams and investment opportunities, with Dominic Hill undertaking tax planning on behalf of the company and its directors to reduce the overall tax burden.

Dominic Hill were introduced to the business to provide advice on how the Directors could review and reduce their individual tax liabilities. With the complexity of the group of companies that make up Easy Live Services, Dominic Hill reviewed the entire business from a tax perspective. Following the review, the Directors restructured the business to create advantages by creating a more tax-efficient corporate structure.

In addition, Dominic Hill have been able to advise Easy Live Services on Research and Development claims. This has been a further positive outcome with a benefit to the bottom line of the business.

What has Dominic Hill provided?

The Dominic Hill team were initially appointed to provide business advisory services. The exponential growth of the company necessitated the provision of high-level tax planning advice to the Directors on an ongoing basis, due to the level of wealth created by the business’ success.

By restructuring the business, the directors have ensured that it becomes as tax efficient as possible with a significant positive impact on future profits.

In addition to investment advice, continued advanced tax planning, wealth advice for the future, the Dominic Hill team also provide the companies with compliance activities. These include quarterly VAT returns, personal tax returns and management accounts.

Key results: